Safe effective results

Become pain free naturally, while increasing your vitality.

Providing authentic acupuncture combined with traditional medicine for a wide variety of conditions to help restore vitality. Acupuncture can provide an integrative synergy for your current healthcare to make your recovery faster while offering an effective solution for a variety of conditions. With over 20 years combined acupuncture, plus advanced dry needling experience you are in good hands.

What to expect:

My primary focus is on using traditional acupuncture with a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and advanced dry needling techniques using a few ultra fine needles or acupressure, I often include cupping, herbal patches and remedial bodywork at no extra cost. How long does it take to fix? This really depends on what it is and how long you have had it, however for many conditions 3-6 treatments should provide a decent indicator of your bodies inherent ability to resolve and heal itself, generally without side effects.

With the initial consultation you should allow around 45 minutes to establish the best point selections. Follow up consultations take around 20 minutes.

Special Interest in:

Injury rehabilitation-drug free pain management
Improving pre and post surgical recovery
Back neck shoulder, acute or chronic
Mental Health Stress reduction endorphin release.
Digestive Disorders – IBS
Male and Female Health including fertility issues
Stress and Anxiety reduction (relaxapuncture).
Migraines, headaches
Cosmetic acupuncture collagen production
Frozen shoulder rapid recovery
Osteo arthritis management
Multiple sclerosis symptom management
Endocrine Disorders
Acupressure for ADHD energy balancing
Better sleeping endocrine balance- Insomnia, PTSD.
Sports and running performance enhancement naturally.
Hormone balancing treatments for Menopause and PMT
Chronic conditions including CFS Fibromyalgia.


B.Sc Acupuncture UTS Sydney 1995

Advanced Certification Guangzhou China Chinese Orthopedics.

Masters Diagnostic Radiography Sydney University – current.

Current Memberships


Call today to find out how I may be of assistance. 6162 4950


Professional, traditionally trained acupuncturist with 25 years experience, specialising in pain relief. Contact me on 0415 99 11 89.

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