Looking for fantastic results for anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common condition that can be managed with some lifestyle choices.

After taking into consideration nutrition and caffeine intake, the root cause for anxiety is both visceral (endocrine) and cognitive. Many common treatments fail to provide a long lasting effect simply because they do not recognise that a multiple approach is needed, or simply mask the problem with a cocktail of medications.

Acupuncture recognises that much of the anxiety state is due to overactive adrenals often as a result of our reaction to the environment.

A few well placed acu needles (usually kidney or bladder points) have the effect of reducing adrenal exhaustion….As well as acupuncture a brisk daily walk can also burn excessive adrenaline restoring proper sleep and calm the mind. Eliminating or reducing forms of dietary stimulants such as caffeine go a long way towards making anxiety go away for good.

So what made your adrenals run on full production to start with? Perception and thought process, if you perceive anything to be a threat then your adrenals pump out adrenaline making your hands and feet cold, lower back sore, increasing lethargy, inducing insomnia  and more. While acupuncture can increase endorphin production (happy hormones) and help you recover from adrenal exhaustion, the combination of acupuncture and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a few simple dietary changes in my humble opinion is the perfect solution.

Often one or two acupuncture sessions will experience a very significant reduction in stress, however it is very useful to look at acupuncture as a way to restore equilibrium and then make the essential changes needed to maintain a calm state. Simple changes can include adding cognitive behavioural therapy into the mix helps prevent recurrence as well as looking at eliminating all stimulants such as coffee and potential food allergy.

Adding B6 and Zinc to the diet if deficient can often be helpful, as is eliminating excessive sugars that promote intestinal candida as anxiety often reflects in the body with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

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Book an acupuncture appointment and then consider adding CBT. or perhaps…. start with CBT then add the acupuncture.

Here is a link for some free CBT resources,  I hope you find them very useful as part of your integrative recovery.

This blog was written in consultation with Karen Anderson, certified CBT therapist and founder of EnhanceYourLifeTherapy.com, a source of free Cognitive Behavioural Therapy self-help resources and affordable support services via online consultations with a certified CBT therapist.


Professional, traditionally trained acupuncturist with 25 years experience, specialising in pain relief. Contact me on 0415 99 11 89.

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